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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 14 January 2013 04:30

An Interview with David H. Bills, Microsoft Chief Reliability Strategist


David Bills is Microsoft’s general manager of Trustworthy Computing, where he serves as the company’s chief reliability strategist and is responsible for the broad evangelism of the company’s online service reliability programs. His team engages with business groups across the company to promote industry-leading practices related to the design, development and operation of online services at Internet scale. Additionally, his team provides customer insight back into business groups to help ensure the reliability needs of customers are built into Microsoft’s products and services. Turner: How would you differentiate the terms reliability vs. resiliency relative to Cloud Computing? Are they one in the same or is there a difference in terms of scope and goals? Bills: Reliability is the outcome service providers aim for. They strive to have their cloud-based services acknowledged by their customers as reliable – meaning the service “just works.” Resiliency describes the ability of a cloud-based service to withstand