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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 14 January 2013 04:26

How to Simplify DR Testing in Your Data Center

Written by  ZIV KEDEM

The two greatest responsibilities of IT managers responsible for a company’s disaster recovery (DR) strategy are often ensuring the chosen DR solution works (via testing) and making sure it is protecting all of the most critical applications and data. Once a disaster recovery solution is installed and running, however, most organizations are loathe to touch anything. Despite pundits’ advice to test early and often, many IT departments choose to forgo recommended quarterly or semi-annual DR testing, with some neglecting to test even on a yearly basis. If regular testing is such an important component of an effective BC/DR strategy, why do so many companies fail to do it? Or fail to do it often enough? The most common excuses include the strain on the IT department’s time and resources, a lack of the knowledge and familiarity needed to test the data recovery solutions, and a genuine fear that testing will disrupt