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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 14 January 2013 03:50

Keeping up with USB Encryption Technology to Keep your Data Safe


There are several articles being written today concerning transporting business continuity (BC) and/or disaster recovery (DR) plans on USB flash memory drives. There are many valid reasons to get away from carrying paper plans, or plans that have been written to CD. One of the major reasons is that there is a good chance the document will end up in the trunk of a car shortly after receiving them. This seems to be an acceptable solution until someone needs a handy wipe after changing a tire or checking the oil. Time does not treat paper plans well when stored in an automobile. BC/DR plans stored on CDs create their own set of problems. The most likely place for a CD to end up when being stored in an automobile is in the glove compartment. Temperatures inside a closed automobile can easily reach 130(F) degrees on a summer day. Temperatures in