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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 13 January 2014 23:57

Turning Business Continuity Into A Competitive Advantage

Written by  DENNIS WENK

The pace of technological change and its complexity is challenging traditional business continuity paradigms. What was once considered a best practice in business continuity (BC) no longer serves the new digital-world, and organizations can’t rely on these outdated processes to reach their future objectives. These best practices, and the standards/guidelines which they are based, are unsuitable for the modern technologically-dependent organization because they were intended to serve a different purpose within a vastly different business environment. Some might question or be puzzled by the notion that long-standing and widely-accepted best-practices could be unreliable, however, that really shouldn’t be so disturbing. After all, blood-letting was once a medical best practice. It is time to modernize business continuity and align to the genuine needs of today’s technologically dependent organization. Today almost everything an organization does relies in some form or other on information technology. Businesses use IT to link to customers, suppliers and