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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 29 December 2014 06:00

5 Ways to Make Your Training Program the Most Sought-After in Your Organization

Written by  Smantha Steenkamp-Farrell, Christopher R. Turnbull

The situation was dire. Their colleagues had been taken hostage by an angry crowd of protesters. And, just when they thought they could take a breath and collect their thoughts, things got worse. Within minutes several Molotov cocktails had set their building ablaze. Luckily for this group of international development professionals, the disaster they were facing was just a training scenario designed to evaluate executive decision-making skills during a crisis in addition to their business continuity plans. Nearly 60 of them gathered recently in a hotel conference room in Istanbul to participate in crisis management and business continuity training – and the training had a deep impact. More than a handful of the participants said afterward that the scenario was “too real,” that they were “really shaken up.”