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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 04 January 2016 06:00

The Devil’s in the Details When it Comes to Data Protection - What SMBs Need to Know About Building a Complete Strategy

Written by  Christophe Bertrand

The road to ensuring comprehensive and reliable data protection and recovery is fraught with complexity, expense, and often confusion. For decades, the high cost of a complete data protection and recovery solution was largely out of reach to small and medium-sized organizations without a robust IT budget, leaving gaping holes in their business continuity plans. However, the good news is that roughly 89 percent of SMBs are currently investing in data backup and recovery (ESG Research Report, SMB Storage Market Trends, April 2013). The method of how they’re doing it varies, but new deployment options give SMBs more cost-effective options than ever before. Trends that are changing the game For SMB and medium-sized organizations, a unique confluence of trends and the advent of new technologies make it much easier to truly enjoy enterprise-class capabilities without breaking the bank. The combination of new data protection architectures, server virtualization, more efficient hardware appliances and secure