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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 21:49

Keeping IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Top-of-Mind During Mergers and Acquisitions

Written by  DEREK BROST

As the security threat landscape continues to widen and breaches become more commonplace, enterprises must be vigilant with the protection of sensitive data and intellectual property, but this is not just the responsibility of IT teams. Proper risk management and mitigation demands investment at every level of an organization with a recognition that all adjacent entities and third-party providers may pose significant risks to cybersecurity. However, IT resiliency does not end with a cautiousness for the interconnectedness of daily business operations. Since the process of combining with another business during a merger or acquisition is essentially the same as adding an adjacent entity or third-party vendor to your operations, it is important to prioritize discussions of IT risk, data value, and systems recovery processes throughout these proceedings to ensure threat management is robust throughout the transitional process. The Material Impact of Cyberattacks The recent cyberattack on FedEx via an acquired company, TNT Express