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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 17:47

Governance – The Elephant in the Room

Written by  BRAD KRUEGER

If you talk with continuity professionals, you will often hear similar concerns about business leaders who have no visibility into or interest in continuity risks, continuity programs that are arbitrarily moved around the organization, stakeholders who simply check boxes, or continuity priorities not being linked to the organization’s strategic objectives or mission. Sound familiar? With all the certifications and expertise in the continuity profession, why do these issues persist? Could it be a result of how organizations are directed and controlled? Could it be weak governance over risk management? Theoretically, organizations are incentivized to mitigate risks that could affect their earnings and capital over the long term. This should motivate organizations to ensure leaders understand the risk management expectations/goals placed on them and know they will be held accountable for meeting those risk expectations. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Company priorities are influenced by a number of factors, including human