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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 17:05

The Immeasurable, Powerful Business Tool

Written by  BOB ARNOLD

It’s one of the most powerful tools available in business. It creates meaningful relationships and provides unlimited growth opportunities at professional and personal levels. It increases your personal exposure. It showcases an individual’s personality. And it doesn’t occur online. So what is this powerful tool? It’s face-to-face networking, and its power is immeasurable. Online networking is convenient and makes day-to-day business easier. But this type of communication lacks personal connection. The truth is, technology cannot replace your personal touch. Email and social media are acceptable forms of communicating, but these methods do not allow you to engage with people on a deeper level. There are many advantages of when people take time to meet other people in person. It allows you to:present yourself, listen, and make genuine and lasting relationships. actively engage in conversations that can strengthen you and your business. build your contacts list by meeting large numbers of professionals in your area. receive direct