PHOENIX, Ariz. – DRJ Fall 2023 offered another chance to engage with resilience professionals and practitioners from across North America and the world. BCI and DRJ have always had a strong relationship, translating into a partnership aiming to bring those professionals together.

The BCI had a constant presence at the event – with a booth inside and outside the DRJ Fall 2023 exhibit hall – promoting knowledge, insight, and network with experts in the field. 

“We’ve had a longstanding relationship with BCI for many years,” said Bob Arnold, president of Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) “but I’m excited about our future collaborations together. We plan on reuniting, stronger than ever post-COVID, embracing a future defined by the innovation we can provide between two leading industry partners.”

“We’re honored to once again be part of DRJ Fall – an exceptional event bringing together the resilience community across North America,” said David Thorp, director, The BCI. “Our long-standing and renewed partnership with DRJ confirms our common commitments and goals to promote resilience and provide (business continuity) and resilience knowledge, education, and information to our community of professionals. Looking at the future, we are excited to keep a strong relationship with DRJ and keep collaborating with them to make the world a resilient place.”

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