EDITOR’S NOTE: For the past several weeks, DRJ has been shining a spotlight on many of our speakers at the upcoming virtual conference, DRJ Fall 2020. Today’s spotlight features general session speaker Mark Herrington, CEO of OnSolve. Click here to read all of the other speaker spotlights.

2020 – a year of unpredictability.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that chaos is the “new normal” and organizations need to ensure they have adequate plans in place along with substantive intel sources to help quickly assess events as they happen.

Whether pandemics, severe weather, or unexpected crises, this “new normal” has reshaped our lens to the world in which we live. The result is a requirement to maintain a level of operational resilience never seen before, with significant ramifications and challenges for those organizations who fail to take these lessons seriously.

In his session, OnSolve’s CEO Mark Herrington will define how to achieve operational resiliency in this ‘new normal’ by leveraging the power of Augmented Intelligence (AI) to keep people safe, informed, assured, and productive during the times that matter most.

“AI is going to transform the way businesses manage critical events and achieve resiliency in the year ahead,” said Herrington. “Companies and organizations who have the right technology to harness the right data, at the right time, will come out on top.”

Hear from Mark Herrington – the CEO of OnSolve, a critical communications provider for more than 60 years, catering to both the public sector and approximately 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Mark Herrington and his team at OnSolve deliver critical event management solutions backed by industry expertise, which gives organizations the ability to proactively keep their employees informed, instill confidence, foster teamwork, mitigate disruptions, improve operational outcomes, protect assets, and save lives.

Read the description of Herrington’s general session, “Operational Resiliency in the New Normal.”

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