The latest in disaster recovery and ransomware protection is of the utmost importance to include in today’s IT strategies for organizations of all sizes. The global threat of cyberattacks on businesses is soaring in the number of attacks and also the cost, estimated to reach $10.5 trillion annually in 2025.1 Enterprise organizations are no longer the main targets: 81% of these attacks are focused on small and midsized businesses (SMBs).2 Studies show only 14% of SMBs feel they can effectively defend against a cyberattack,3 and 75% of SMBs will go out of business if they fall victim to a cyberattack.4

The 2021 Global Data Center Survey shows 62% of respondents reported losing more than $100,000, and 15% reported over $1 million due to downtime.5 To achieve business continuity, organizations need to ensure they have a customized plan and tools in place that fit their workloads and environment. OVHcloud US, for example, works with Zerto to deliver disaster recovery solutions that help achieve the least downtime possible. These solutions ensure critical data and applications are continuously protected, instantly recovered and readily available on OVHcloud hosted private cloud with the lowest recovery-point objectives and fastest recovery-time objectives.

Distributed Data Protection, Data Recovery and Data Accessibility

A good rule of thumb is the “3-2-1” rule: three copies, two backups, and at least one different location. Distributed data protection of multiple backups in different locations enhances recovery and protects businesses from unplanned downtime incidents, including those related to natural disasters in a specific geographical location. However, IT teams that are on the cloud with hyperscalers are locked into proprietary tools that ultimately result in unpredictable costs in terms of personnel and data migration and transaction charges.  

With its parent company in Europe known as the pioneer of “open cloud,” OVHcloud US ensures if a customer does suffer an attack, they experience minimal downtime, data loss or unexpected expenses while getting their systems back online. OVHcloud offers always-on dynamic routing via vSphere, which reduces the number of services needed to recover from a disaster. Business continuity is ensured with complete and ongoing replication via the proprietary cross-country vRack backbone and data centers.

The company is also one of the few cloud providers that own all its dark fiber, controlling the network worldwide. This gives customers instant flexibility and the option to add geolocations without increasing costs. Organizations can even use OVHcloud as an alternative provider for their data distribution through NSX-T solutions that can move workloads from different cloud providers if a node or disk is compromised during an attack.

Overall, business continuity is easily manageable. Customers can set up distributed data protection, manage all data and control their own networking through the user-friendly portal. OVHcloud customers have the freedom to scale up or down, are not locked into long-term contracts and are not subject to ingress, egress or data call fees. It’s a new era of freedom in the cloud – gone are the days when IT teams were nickeled and dimed for protecting their organizations.

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