This simple tool dramatically reduces the time needed to assemble and communicate with any team at the outset of an incident at your company or school

We are sure your company has an emergency response plan for various issues – such as impending weather, facilities damage, cyber security issues, security breaches, public relations, or health and wellness incidents? And you likely have a mass notification system to notify some or all of your constituents depending on the issue. Most corporations have those plans and systems in place, but do not have a good way to implement the plan – and this is where ZipBridge comes in – an emergency communication conference calling platform for organizations of any size.

One frequent issue that surfaces from post incident reports is the time it took to get the right people on a conference call to decide what was happening and the best next course of action.  Emails and text messages take time, do not receive the attention necessary and often require extra steps to actually join the call. This is the communication gap ZipBridge was created to fill.

With ZipBridge, any authorized individual can easily launch an outbound conference call at the start of or during an incident. Once launched, all the people in the group RECEIVE an actual phone call and are then bridged together as they answer. No dial-in numbers, PIN’s or custom applications or dedicated equipment needed. Just a phone call to a mobile and work phones from a number they recognize. That way they make sure to answer and communication with the full team begins instantly. And if they miss the call from the crisis communication system, they will receive an SMS and email to call back in from their mobile – and still no PIN needed.

We have used ZipBridge at College of the Holy Cross for several years. Having the ability to immediately communicate as a group in a crisis has been a tremendous advantage for our emergency response team. ZipBridge is simple to implement and, without the need for any additional equipment, just makes sense if you need to pull a team together quickly on a single phone call as a group. Just launch the call, everyone’s individual phones ring, they answer, and you’ve got the team on the call. Simple and fast.

Chief Shawn de Jong, Director of Public Safety

For more information on how ZipBridge can add a simple instant team communication capability to your existing plans and mass notification systems, visit their website at

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