As business continuity professionals, it’s imperative to keep an eye on emerging threats and trends in our world. At DRJ, we use several strategies to help keep you informed and focused on what’s most important in business continuity and disaster recovery.

Webinars are one way we connect with you. These short, web-based live seminars allow interactive participation in a virtual space. These real-time events give a plethora of helpful information. Some of our top webinars have included:

  • Adapting Operational Risk Management to Your Program
  • Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise
  • Moving from Passive to Active Crisis Management
  • Organizational Resiliency Through Vendor Risk & Contingency Management.

One of the techniques we use to track the topics that are most important to you is by metrics gained by article popularity, webinar registrations, and session registrations. The information we gather leads us to cover the most trending topics in future offerings.

This issue’s cover story is “The State of Disaster Recovery Preparedness 2020.” Forrester Research partnered with DRJ to ask decision-makers or influencers specific questions about planning and purchasing technology and services related to disaster recovery.

Even though the industry has transformed to partner with business continuity, our roots will always be on the IT side. Several other articles in this issue deal with data protection.

Vicky McKim – a member of our editorial board from Aureon Consulting – has a nightmarish business continuity story involving putrid water and an office suite full of original documents. You can probably guess what happened to the documents and the disrupted work environment.

McKim shares information about the importance of avoiding – or at least minimizing – the effects of vendor outages.

Another article you won’t want to miss is James Green’s “A Challenging Climate: 2020 is a Defining Year for Climate Change and BCM” on page 24.

Green said when it comes to coping with the real impact of climate change, “We can no longer plan for an incident that may never happen; we have to prepare for the inevitable.”

He said companies that ignore climate-related risks are “likely to feel the consequences – both in terms of reputation and financial damage.”

With the new decade, you will continue to find information on emerging topics through DRJ. Our goal is to give you the information you need most to gain insight through our magazine, webinars, and conferences.

Many of these emerging topics will be showcased at “DRJ Spring 2020: A Clear Vision of Risk and Resilience.”

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