Episode 143:  Let’s Talk About TikTok – Use Cases, Risks, and Strategies

We’ve all heard about TikTok being a key player in the social media world, but how do we actually leverage that platform as a brand? In this episode, Katie McKiever, an award-winning social media and thought leadership consultant, is here to share her expertise on how TikTok has changed video marketing, how to leverage short-form video and influencer marketing, and the next big thing in social media.

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Some of the key takeaways include: 

  • Platforms like TikTok have flipped traditional marketing to focus on authenticity, vulnerability, and behind the scenes content, rather than polished advertisements.
  • Don’t put all your social media eggs in one basket. You should be present on multiple platforms, and you should have an email list to market directly to your leads as well.
  • To stretch your resources, you can make your internal employees the face of your brand and have them share their expertise and behind the scenes on video.

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Vanessa Mathews, host

Vanessa Mathews is the founder and chief resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors, where they are focused on protecting the legacy of the leaders they serve through business resilience. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mathews developed global crisis management and business continuity programs for government and private sector organizations to include Lowe’s Companies, Gulfstream Aerospace, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Jon Seals, producer

Jon Seals is the editor in chief at Disaster Recovery Journal, the leading magazine/event in business continuity. Seals is an award-winning journalist with a background in publication design, business media, content management, sports journalism, social media, and podcasting.

KEYWORDS: Social media, TikTok, short-form video, video marketing, influencer marketing, TikTok Ban, social media strategy, content marketing

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