It is surprising how much destructive force nature can have.  While knocking a building down is one thing, seeing a six-and-a-half-ton truck flying through the air is something else.  Anyone who watched the movie “Twister” and thought the movie makers were exaggerating the danger needs to think again. 

On April 3, 2012, the Schneider National Operating Center in Dallas, Texas took a direct hit from a tornado. This presentation provides information on how Schneider’s Dallas facility prepared for this event, what occurred during the event, and how customers were supported. News coverage will be shown in this presentation.

How Schneider National, Inc. reacted to this event and the after-action decisions we made to engage Ketch Consulting will all be covered.  We thought we were prepared, and I still believe we were, but we missed some pretty basic and not-so-basic things and we decided to bring in some outside help in taking a completely fresh look at our business.  

As a result of this event, and the Joplin tornadoes, Schneider National is determined to take a closer look at how prepared they are at their Green Bay headquarters. The last BIA was several years old, so a new one was executed. Some of the results will be presented as well as the leadership backing and growth of the BIA from start to finish. If you’ve never seen orange trucks flying or you’re trying to justify/execute a BIA, don’t miss this session.


William Marotz, MBCP, MBCI has been the disaster recovery / business continuity coordinator for Schneider National, Inc since 2003. In his role as a lead member – technical staff, Marotz has accountability for the documentation and execution of disaster recovery and business continuity plans and procedures for all Schneider National, Inc. locations worldwide. He also has responsibility for the development and execution of numerous tabletop and large-scale recovery exercises intended to demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of these plans and procedures. Marotz is also an active member of the Brown County Local Emergency Planning Committee and recently served as Chairperson of the Brown County Public/Private Partnership. He holds an Associate of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Sheboygan County Center.


Ted Brown, CBCP CBCV MBCI, president and CEO of KETCHConsulting, is a recognized business continuity industry leader whose tireless efforts have dramatically increased visibility of BCP/COOP nationwide and globally. He is a member of the Board BCI USA.Brown has an extensive professional and leadership career at IBM, Strohl Systems and KETCHConsulting; with 42 years in technology, and 21 years of experience in the business continuity industry. At various times, he has provided expertise to the executive, sales, consulting, and service delivery aspects of the industry. He has led the development of hundreds of unique BCP/COOP plans and actual recoveries. As a certified business continuity professional, Brown has shared his experience and expertise through published articles and lectures to thousands of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals. His lectures have been featured at WCDM, CPM, CI, DRJ,CA World, EPICC, DVDRIEG, MADRA, Summit, BOMA, COMMON, DPMA, Survive, DRIE, CPE, ACP, NEDRIX,and 7×24 in North America, plus Australia and Malaysia.He has taught separate fee classes on executive education, negotiating hot sites, pandemic planning and table top exercises. Brown’s demonstrated expertise, lectures, articles, client engagements, and actual recoveries are in the following areas: BCP, emergency management, risk analysis, business continuity planning, human concerns, pandemic planning, table top exercises, management and executive education.

At Fall World 2013 Ted Brown will be part of:

Managerial Session 4: Orange Trucks and Wild Tornadoes: A Supply Chain Case Study and How This Generated a Comprehensive BIA