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Episode 106: Preparing for Weapons of Mass Destruction

Terrorism, bombings, nuclear weapons, biological threats – these are just a few of the serious disasters encompassed under “weapons of mass destruction.” While the chances that an organization will encounter these threats can vary, we can all benefit from knowing who to contact and what to do in the event that weapons of mass destruction are used. In this episode, Joe Coates, the Charleston County director of emergency management, is sharing his expertise in preparing for and smoothly executing the plan for weapons of mass destruction.

Joe Coates oversees the operations of the Emergency Preparedness Division, Hazardous Materials Division, Marine Incident Response Team, and the Volunteer Rescue Squad. Coates has been with Charleston County since 2008 and has worked in three directorates within the county. Before joining the county, Coates worked for Maersk Lines in imports. 

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • All the hazards included when we’re discussing weapons of mass destruction
  • Why it’s important to get everyone at the same table to prepare for disasters
  • The groups involved in exercises and trainings
  • How tourism affects weapons of mass destruction planning and vice versa
  • Why you need to know the key players in a disaster
  • How government agencies can find funding for emergency management
  • The multiple hats you’ll wear in emergency management
  • How to break into the emergency management industry

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Vanessa Mathews, host

Vanessa Mathews is the founder and chief resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors, where they are focused on protecting the legacy of the leaders they serve through business resilience. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mathews developed global crisis management and business continuity programs for government and private sector organizations to include Lowe’s Companies, Gulfstream Aerospace, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Jon Seals, producer

Jon Seals is the editor in chief at Disaster Recovery Journal, the leading magazine/event in business continuity. Seals is an award-winning journalist with a background in publication design, business media, content management, sports journalism, social media, and podcasting.

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