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Episode 108: Sustainability Is the Missing Key to Risk Management

Sustainability is a huge buzzword in the context of the environment and business practices. But  what is sustainability, and why does it matter? In this episode, Keith Alyea, global head of business resiliency at Wells Fargo, explains the relationship between resiliency, sustainability and equitability. More importantly, he shares where some organizations fall short and how we can all do better.

Keith has more than 20 years of experience in energy market development and energy trading and risk management. He specializes in program planning, implementation (systems and process), market design, adaptive resiliency planning and operational improvement for market participants. He also serves on the Sustain Charlotte Board of Directors which advocates for smart, equitable, and sustainable growth for the city including public transit, pedestrian-oriented development, affordable housing and green spaces.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • The relationship between resiliency, sustainability and equitability
  • What sustainability is and why it matters
  • How organizations might be falling short when it comes to sustainability
  • What sustainable capital is and what this shift means
  • How to make strides towards sustainability in your personal life and in your communities

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Vanessa Mathews, host

Vanessa Mathews is the founder and chief resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors, where they are focused on protecting the legacy of the leaders they serve through business resilience. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mathews developed global crisis management and business continuity programs for government and private sector organizations to include Lowe’s Companies, Gulfstream Aerospace, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Jon Seals, producer

Jon Seals is the editor in chief at Disaster Recovery Journal, the leading magazine/event in business continuity. Seals is an award-winning journalist with a background in publication design, business media, content management, sports journalism, social media, and podcasting.

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