Enroll Your Entire Team in DRJ Academy’s Business Continuity Primer Course

Do you have executive authority for business continuity and resiliency in your organization? Are you the leader of a BC team or office? What if all your team members were using the same fundamental business continuity principles?

You may already be familiar with DRJ Academy’s Business Continuity Primer Course, the self-paced online course offered by Disaster Recovery Journal and Lambert Learning Institute. It is the most outcome-based training available today, at a remarkably low cost.

The course guides independent learners through 10 hours of on-demand training which is sure to fortify one’s foundational knowledge of BC with the flexibility to adopt your organization’s process and priorities. The student has six-months of follow-up access to have their questions answered while designing their own plan, with help from the instructor. They will learn the step-by-step BC program implementation process, teaching them what they need to do to get a program started. DRJ Academy makes it easy by providing all the necessary materials and artifacts.

The self-paced course is great for individual students, but enrolling an entire team can bring many potential benefits to an organization:

  • Ensure your whole team is following the same playbook, resulting in a more cohesive and effective effort
  • Save time and effort training co-workers. New hires can quickly catch up with the rest of the team by taking the course
  • Standardize your program’s framework, language, model, measurements, and exercises
  • Reduce confusion among other departments in your organization
  • Help stalled or struggling programs regain momentum and make swift progress toward greater organizational resiliency
  • Help teams meet higher expectations laid on BCM programs in the wake of the pandemic and the rise in extreme weather
  • Help teams adapt to the new normal in which disasters are ongoing and often occur simultaneously

To learn more about the benefits of enrolling an entire BCM team in the DRJ Business Continuity Primer Course, email drj-academy@drj.com or find more information at www.drj.com/academy/.

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