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Episode 132: Using Podcasts To Reach Your Business Goals 

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If you haven’t thought about using podcasts to help reach your business goals in 2023, you might be missing the boat. Whether you are using podcast advertisements or demonstrating your expertise as a podcast guest, podcasting is a great way to grow your brand, increase sales and talk intimately with a niche audience. Tune in as Vanessa shares some surprising podcast stats as well as 3 key reasons to leverage podcasts for your business. 

Podcast Growth & Advertising Stats

  • Podcasting is a rapidly growing industry. Insider Intelligence projects podcasting to be a $94 Billion industry by 2028.

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Three key reasons to leverage podcasts for your business include:

  • Increase sales or build brand awareness. We all know how incredible referral marketing and relationships can be for sales, and when your target audience hears a podcast host they trust share about a company, it makes a strong impact.
  • Hire top talent. When you promote a role in a podcast with a niche audience, you hit your target talent pool directly. This can be a more cost effective investment for hiring because you pay one flat fee for your advertisements that will generate traffic year-round, rather than paying per job posting or per applicant on other sites.
  • Be the go-to subject matter expert in your field by guesting on podcasts.  Choose a dynamic representative from your company to share their perspective on a relevant and interesting topic. If you’re looking to build your personal brand, come up with some topics you can have talking points for, then tweak those to make them specific to each podcast audience.

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Vanessa Mathews, host

Vanessa Mathews is the founder and chief resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors, where they are focused on protecting the legacy of the leaders they serve through business resilience. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mathews developed global crisis management and business continuity programs for government and private sector organizations to include Lowe’s Companies, Gulfstream Aerospace, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Jon Seals, producer

Jon Seals is the editor in chief at Disaster Recovery Journal, the leading magazine/event in business continuity. Seals is an award-winning journalist with a background in publication design, business media, content management, sports journalism, social media, and podcasting.

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