If you’re new to business continuity, you need to consider taking our DRJ Academy BC Primer Course. It covers key skills and processes which professionals need to know and execute well in order to build the correct foundation to establish an outcome-focused business continuity program.

The DRJ Academy BC Primer Course is a self-paced, skills-focused online course with the goal of equipping an individual with the abilities and competencies needed to design, develop, and implement the process to achieve a state of readiness for an organization.

This is an entry-level introduction to the basics of business continuity and walks you through the strategic and tactical process of launching a new BC program, restoring a broken one, or re-establishing an abandoned program.

If you don’t feel completely confident leading your team, now is the time to sign up and implement your own fresh business continuity program with the help of DRJ Academy.

Learn more about DRJ Academy at https://drj.com/academy/.

Another thing to consider as a newer professional are the benefits of being paired with a mentor. Our DRJ Mentor Program is the perfect partnership between professionals who have specific skills and knowledge to share with those who are new to the profession. This partnering of mentors with mentees provides an opportunity to develop relationships in the industry to set and achieve goals.

The DRJ Mentor Program is a FREE, 12-month accelerated learning path. Using our proven framework and easy-to-access online portal, participants will be provided the best in-class mentor/mentee matching, facilitated goal setting, access to educational resources in the library, with encouragement and support.

Learn more about the DRJ Mentor Program at https://drj.com/mentor-program/.

Think about pairing the DRJ Academy BC Primer Course with the DRJ Mentor Program. It’s the perfect combination for newer professionals. The idea is for less experienced professionals to take the DRJ Academy course while getting sage advice from a veteran in the field at the same time!

DRJ will return with its first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic – DRJ Fall 2021: Resiliency in a Time of Rebuilding – Sept. 19-22, 2021, at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix. That is the perfect place for newcomers to meet lots of experts face-to-face. DRJ Academy students can touch base with instructor and course developer Phil Lambert while connecting with fellow students. Mentors and mentees can sit down together in a relaxed environment throughout the event.

DRJ’s 65th conference will feature four days of keynote and workshop sessions, breakout tracks, panel discussions, exhibit hall, and networking dedicated to business continuity, disaster recovery, risk management, and crisis management. The complete agenda was recently released.

Learn more about DRJ Fall 2021: Resiliency in a Time of Rebuilding at https://drj.com/fall2021/.

Three weeks after the conference in Phoenix, DRJ will host “A Virtual Experience” for those who still face restrictions or choose not to travel. Attendees of the in-person event will have a free pass to the virtual conference, Oct. 11-14, 2021.

Learn more about DRJ Fall 2021: A Virtual Experience at https://drj.com/fall2021/virtual/.

Remember, you’ve got an important job and DRJ has all the tools you need to do it successfully.



Bob Arnold, MBCI (hon.), is the president of Disaster Recovery Journal.

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