When Brian Knox took a class on risk assessment and business continuity at the University of Washington, he didn’t know it would lead to a career in the field.

“The instructor of the class mentioned an internship that was available,” said Knox. “I expressed interest, ultimately beginning my journey as a business continuity professional.”

Knox earned a bachelor’s degree in urban studies and planning from UC San Diego before earning a master’s degree in infrastructure planning and management from UW. He is currently a program manager at Premera Blue Cross in Seattle. He has been working in business continuity for five years.

“The pace at which the industry is changing is a growing challenge for not only young professionals but the entire industry,” said Knox. “As a young professional, the challenge I face is how do I continue to help keep business continuity relevant for companies while other areas take on more and more responsibility around risk and operational resiliency? In this shift of responsibilities, how do I leverage business continuity to provide value to these new or expanding areas to be an asset to the company while refocusing my work on deeper analysis of operational risk?”

Knox has continued his education by attending two DRJ conferences and networking at every chance.

“I am looking for opportunities to not only learn more from peers in the industry but to understand how ancillary areas can be leveraged to enhance my work as a business continuity professional,” said Knox. “Learning and networking opportunities in data governance, risk, information security, and IT service management are beneficial to me in order to understand the new landscape of business.”

Knox communicates with peers and colleagues through LinkedIn and email. “I prefer to work with my colleagues either collaboratively through shared technology platforms or through face-to-face conversations and work sessions with cross-collaboration,” said Knox.

Knox intends to spend his entire career in business continuity, though he contends, “I believe the industry will continue to be expanded under the umbrella of other areas.

“For instance, an enterprise risk and governance area may take on the roles occupied by business continuity. I believe this is a good thing for professionals looking to continue their growth and learning, while leverage their knowledge of business continuity practices.”