“It’s like being a superhero who swoops in during bad situations, well-prepared, and saves the day with help of a trusting team.”

This is what Darshika Dixit would jokingly tell people who are curious about a career in business continuity.

As a technology consultant for DXC Technology, Dixit specializes in information security. When talking about her career so far and what she sees as the biggest challenge facing young professionals, she reiterates a familiar sentiment, “Unwillingness to spend on BCP and DR aspects. Couple this with the lack of importance assigned to BCP and DR.”

As an MTech, Dixit does have some thoughts on how she’d like to see working in business continuity change. She thinks that more automation and specialized tools for BCP/DR would help to standardize processes, improve communication, and the overall ability to update others with new information.

This speaks to her ideal conference session, “A brainstorming session to fix an issue at hand. Everyone has an equal voice and we have a healthy discussion involving rational acceptance or dismissal of ideas.” This ties in to the networking and learning opportunities Dixit knows would help her career – opportunities which would help her grow and expose her to different aspects/perspectives on trends, technologies, and business continuity thinking.

While Dixit hasn’t yet had a chance to attend a DRJ conference, she has had training in IT service standards, ISO standards, project management, and technology-focused learning.