We all know that the field of business continuity is very broad. The range of careers and roles that these careers entail in incredibly deep – a good thing but also an obstacle. For young professionals starting their career in business continuity, it can be challenging to carve out a niche within the industry.

This is exactly the position Eugenia DeLoatch finds herself in. She has been working as a business continuity specialist for three years full-time after completing a one-year internship in business continuity during graduate school.

As a relatively new professional, DeLoatch is facing one of the major career obstacles that so many face, “Choosing jobs that support my overall career goals. Each BC position that I have held has had different responsibilities. Figuring out how to fit those roles into a larger career and ensuring that each role builds on skills has sometimes been difficult,” says DeLoatch.

When DeLoatch talks about how her career differs from that of her peers, she reiterates this challenge, “My peers are looking to gain skills and they have no problem changing roles in order to do that. This makes it hard for organizations to retain knowledge.”

DRJ Spring World 2017 was DeLoatch’s first conference and one she very much enjoyed, however she does say, “It would have been nice to have more opportunities to connect with other young professionals.” This speaks to the learning and networking opportunities for which she is looking.

“Opportunities to gather concrete skills or to cultivate ideas to take back to my organization. Opportunities to connect with potential mentors or people who are in the same place career-wise that I am.”

To this end, DeLoatch holds an ABCP and is currently pursuing her CBCP. She hopes that this knowledge, “assists me in completing my role but also in advancing my career.”