Hila Haidari is a risk analyst for the FHLB Office of Finance. She has been working for her current employer for one year.

She began her career in the compliance department and later transitioned to business continuity after her contract ended.

Haidari hopes to continue her career in the field of BC/DR. “I hope to ascend to a career in global security,” she said.

As a young professional, Haidari finds it challenging to be vigilant of the evolving IT threat landscape. She offers this advice to other young professionals: build a network and remain abreast of evolving technology.

There is one change she would like to see within the BC profession: to see it become a more pervasive feature of firms, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Haidari says the profession is a rapidly growing field. Companies, governments, and individuals are starting to recognize that continuity emergencies are unavoidable, but that the risks can be mitigated through preparation and recovery, given the appropriate tools, expertise, and funding.

Her preferred methods of communication are generally Skype, email, and texts.

Haidari would like to continue learning about different aspects of the profession. Conference topics she would be interested in include business continuity theory and practice, such as how the field has evolved and how the development differed depending on the level of the organization, and where the field is headed.

She notes that one of the most important areas to learn about BC topics is through networking opportunities.

“Networking has helped broaden my horizons and allowed me to explore continuity opportunities in organizations and communities in developing countries, where resiliency and continuity will be of utmost importance in the coming years,” Haidari says.

Previous training that she feels was high-quality learning was tabletop discussions.

She is currently furthering her knowledge in the field of business continuity by pursuing certifications in data analysis and the ABCP.