“Ask a lot of questions.”

“Take risks to challenge the status quo.”

“This field is ever-changing. Dare to affect change.”

This is just a sampling of the advice Jimmie Jones, a BCDR analyst with Zendesk, Inc. would give fellow young BC professionals. With five years of experience in BC/DR focusing on risk management and security, Jones is still excited about his chosen career.

Like most young professionals, Jones is looking towards the future and sees lots of opportunity for himself in BC/DR. He has a keen interest in building more efficient systems to help govern BC/DR and interdependent departments such as crisis communication and incident response.

It’s the opportunity to solve company specific BC/DR problems with outside-the-box thinking that gets Jones excited about his career. The room for improvement within BC/DR such as the chance to automate and improve the transparency of enterprise material impacts gets him thinking and improving on BC/DR processes and systems.

With the rate of change we’ve experienced in the past few years in BC/DR, the future looks very bright and exciting for Jones and the rest of our young professionals.

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