Not every career provides continual opportunities for learning, growth, specialization, and frankly excitement. It is this and more that gets Katie Fischer fired up about her career in business continuity. Having worked in the field for 13 years, Fischer, a business continuity manager with Bank of West has seen her share of challenges and changes in business continuity.

These experiences have enabled her to build a deep skill set that is transferrable and in-demand. As she tells us, “I do expect to spend my career in BC/DR. There are so many areas where I will be able to utilize my skill sets in this area from risk management and governance to training and consulting. Both BC and DR are only going to grow and continue to expand.”

It is these opportunities along with day-to-day challenges that keep Fischer excited to be involved in BC/DR. “I think that if you are a BC professional, what excites you is in not doing the same thing every day. There is always something new you can learn and integrate into your BC program.”

To take things to the next level and to help BC continue to evolve, this forward-thinking young professional sees a definite role for more automation and use of data analysis. “I would like to see more automation in the BC tools and reports. With BC, there is so much data that we can collect. How can we analyze and present this data and then use it to challenge our testing scenarios and identify critical paths?”

It’s this curiosity and quest for knowledge that keeps Fischer coming back to DRJ conferences. In particular, she has benefitted from the round-table discussions that allow her to have “honest conversations on the topics and issues each of us face in our current roles. Not every conference offers this and I think it is so important to be able to reach out and connect with your peers.”