Often it’s the lucky discoveries that lead us on the most exciting career paths. This is just what happened to Kendra Wackt, a business continuity analyst with Country Financial. As Wackt tells us, “It was pure luck! I started working as an administrator in the business continuity department and through great resources such as DRJ and my peers – I’ve moved up in the department.”

This new career path has got Wackt clearly focused on the future and in continuing her education in all aspects of business continuity. With excellent learning opportunities and lots of room for growth, Wackt is committed and passionate about her business continuity career.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects for her is the deep connection it gives her to her company. As Wackt tells us, “Ensuring the recoverability of our company at the time of an event is definitely one of the most exciting aspects for me.” She also tells us that this career is rich in rewards and it’s a great way to learn about all areas of the company.

She does tell us that this career path is not without its barriers. As many of our young professionals have told us, Wackt sees the No. 1 challenge as a young professional is getting management buy-in to make business continuity and disaster recovery a priority. This along with getting more exposure for the business continuity industry are her two things she’d like to change.

Wackt tells us she has benefitted from attending DRJ conferences and recommends them to any young professionals keen to build a career in business continuity. Along with learning from experienced speakers, she says the networking opportunities are key in building skills and knowledge.