Business continuity is not about checking a box. It Is about people and community resiliency, business resumption, crisis communication, evacuation procedures, exercise, drills, simulations, BC/DR techniques and activities that can be applied to our day-to-day lives.”

This is what Masse Adjetey, a business continuity analyst with Nelnet (formerly Great Lakes Higher Education), would like to tell college and university students so they can get excited about a career in business continuity.

Adjetey has been working in business continuity for eight years and he plans to spend the rest of his career in BC/DR. As he tells us, “With the emergency threats around the world like active shooters, terrorism, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters – BC/DR is needed more than ever. The portability of the profession is an extra bonus, we’re able to bring our skills into any industry and be successful.”

This young business continuity professional is fully invested in his career and wants others to have the same level of excitement for their careers. “We truly can save the day with a robust BC/DR plan. The BC/DR field is unknown to a lot of people and I feel like I did my job when someone finally sees the value of BC/DR after attending my presentation.”

“The variety of work involved in BC/DR is empowering because there is always something new to learn. What makes it even more challenging and exciting is that you don’t know when the next disruptive incident will hit.”

Adjetey became a CBCP in 2015 and his next goal to become a MBCP. While he hasn’t had a chance to attend a DRJ conference, Adjetey is looking for ways to network with experienced professionals and business continuity industry veterans so he can learn from them.