Welcome to the DRJ Mentor Program!

This complimentary structured mentor program connects seasoned professionals with those newer to their industry who wish to develop their skills and career. And it’s completely free!

The DRJ Mentor Program is a 12-month accelerated learning path designed to promote education, opportunity, inclusion, and excellence surrounding the exploration and evolution of all aspects of business continuity and operational risk management. Using our proven framework and easy-to-access online portal, participants will be provided best in-class mentor/mentee matching, facilitated goal setting, access to educational resources in the library, as well as encouragement and support from the Mentor Alumni group.

With this program, you can expect to gain a broad understanding of industry standard business continuity, crisis management, and disaster recovery principles and best practices as well as grow your network.

Mentoring is an opportunity to develop a synergistic relationship through conversation that enables you to set and achieve goals, make decisions and solve problems.

Why should I join the DRJ Mentor Program?

While most mentoring programs provide an introduction and then leave the rest to you, our program takes you through a series of structured milestones to ensure you get the most out of your mentoring relationship. 

 “In alignment with the DRJ Career Development Committee mission, The DRJ Mentor Program promotes education, opportunity, inclusion, and excellence surrounding the exploration and evolution of career paths in all aspects of Business Continuity and Operational Risk Management.

Key elements of our mission include promoting open and candid discussions of career opportunities, providing resources, and guidance to equip our mentees with the necessary knowledge, best practices and tools to succeed in their chosen career path.”


  • Grow your coaching and counseling skills,
  • Expand your access to information,
  • Build larger networks,
  • Gain well-being from sharing your
    know-how with others.
  • Become a better listener,
  • Improve over-all communication skills
  • Increased coaching and management skills.


  • Direct your professional development,
  • Address challenges in real time,
  • Gain exposure to different companies, functional areas and/or best practices,
  • Develop the skills needed for your success
  • Discover new strengths, talents, and interests

It is completely free to participate in the Mentor Program

You can expect to dedicate an estimate of 2-3 hours per week to this program

The Mentor Program is offered year round, with an expected participation of 10-12 months in the program


Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding the
DRJ Mentor Program

Mentor Program Advisory Board

Nate Bridges, Kim Jackson, Jocelyn Jones,
Veronica Krepshaw, Cheyene Marling, Melissa Owings, Tracey Rice, Michael Smith

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