This is a phenomenal book.  It is an easy read, written in a conversational style with one of the most captivating story-tellers I know… in less than 100 pages.  Mike shares his extensive experience and several personal stories in tangible and relevant ways to make an impact on today’s risk management professionals. Mike addresses 10 questions every executive should ask about business continuity. Through real-life examples, you'll understand what could affect your company-lost data, pandemics, terror threats-and by implementing plans for when something does happen, you're doing everything possible to ensure that employees still have jobs, customers are served, and stakeholders continue to support the company. Take the first step in proactively managing your company in good times and bad and ask yourself, Are We Willing to Take That Risk?

Michael Croy is well-known in the BC/DR profession. While he is now retired, he spent over 30 years as an expert helping organizations manage risks to ensure the survival of their businesses.