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Posts from 2018-09-07

What is the DRJ's Book Club

“Learning is not a spectator sport. “ ~ D. Blocher

What was the last business book you read? Or book to improve your competencies and help your career? We get so over-burdened with life and work we stop improving ourselves and then our careers stagnate.

 Join other continuity professionals as we dive into books that will enhance your knowledge and career. Then join the community of readers by providing comments, insights and your experiences through our online blog. Books will all be focused around improving our collective knowledge around business continuity and the competencies that will make us even more successful. Minimal time commitment with a huge reward.


A book will be chosen and communicated to the DRJ community. If you are interested in that book, pick it up and read it. (You don’t have to participate with every book)

The blog will be opened for comment and discussion on the book.

Each blog will have a facilitator to help with the discussion.

It is just as easy as that!


Brought to you by the DRJ Career Development Committee