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Posts from 2018-11-08

November/December 2018 - Book of the Month

Crisis Management: How to develop a powerful program 

by Regina Phelps  (Author)

Businesses and governments worldwide are increasingly being disrupted by more frequent natural disasters, mounting workforce violence, and skyrocketing cyberattacks. It’s increasingly a question of “when” – not “if” – they will face such a crisis. This book tells you how to prepare – step-by-step. The good news is that costs of being prepared are miniscule compared to the staggering hits organizations are increasingly taking. This book gets into the nitty-gritty of preparing for such crises – from building senior management support and involvement . . . to training top-flight crisis management teams. Specifically, it tells business continuity and crisis management professionals how to get their organizations into a constant state of readiness. That’s crucial since, of course, organizations don’t know the precise nature of the crisis in advance (timing, location, or impact). Think in terms of “instant-on.” And, they have to have wide range of contingencies to deal with whatever they may face. Regina Phelps tells you exactly how to do all of that step-by-step . . . and how to build support up and down the organization to make it happen.

Get a copy today from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0983114358/