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DRJ Glossary of Business Continuity Terms

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UPDATED: March 2019
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Sets the tone for an organization, influencing the consciousness of its people. Cultural factors include the integrity, ethical values and competence of the entity?s people: management?s philosophy and operating style; the way management assigns authority and responsibility, and organises and develops its people; and the attention and direction provided by a Board.
Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
A computer application or integrated set of applications which brings together all aspects of customer communications and management.
Damage Assessment
An appraisal of the effects of the disaster or incident on human, physical, economic and operational capabilities.
Data Backup Strategies
Data backup strategies will determine the technologies, media and offsite storage of the backups necessary to meet an organization?s data recovery and restoration objectives.
Data Backups
The copying of production files to media that can be stored both on and/or offsite and can be used to restore corrupted or lost data or to recover entire systems and databases in the event of a disaster.
Data Center Recovery
The component of disaster recovery which deals with the restoration of data center services and computer processing capabilities at an alternate location and the migration back to the production site.
Data Mirroring
The act of copying data from one location to a storage device at another location in or near real time.
Data Protection
Statutory requirements to manage personal data in a manner that does not threaten or disadvantage the person to whom it refers.
Data Recovery
The restoration of computer files from backup media to restore programs and production data to the state that existed at the time of the last safe backup.
Database Replication
The partial or full duplication of data from a source database to one or more destination databases.
This certified membership grade is a standalone credential. It is an academic qualification in Business Continuity and a route to higher membership grades of the BCI depending on years of experience.
Decision Point
The latest moment at which the decision to invoke emergency procedures has to be taken to ensure the continued viability of the organization.
A formal announcement by pre-authorized personnel that a disaster or severe outage is predicted or has occurred and that triggers pre-arranged response and mitigating actions.
Declaration Fee
A fee charged by a commercial hot site vendor for a customer invoked disaster declaration
Dedicated Work Area
Work space provided for sole use by a single organization, configured ready for use.