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DRJ Glossary of Business Continuity Terms

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UPDATED: September 2019
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A continuity and recovery strategy where resources are copied to a dormant site, only being brought into live operations after an incident.
A need or expectation that is stated, generally implied or obligatory.
Residual Risk

The level of risk remaining after implementation of controls intended to lessen impact, probability and consequences.


Ability of an entity to adapt to change or absorb the impact of a business interruption while continuing to provide a minimum acceptable level of service.

The ability of an organization to absorb the impact of a business interruption, and continue to provide a minimum acceptable level of service.
All assets, people, skills, information, technology (including plant and equipment), premises, and supplies and information (whether electronic or not) that an organization has to have available to use, when needed, in order to operate and meet its objective.
The reaction to an incident or emergency to assess the damage or impact and to ascertain the level of containment and control activity required.
Rest Centre
A building taken over by the Local Authority for the temporary accommodation of evacuees
The procedure or procedures that return applications and data to a known start point.
Process of planning for and/or implementing procedures for the repair of hardware, relocation of the primary site and its contents, and returning to normal operations at the permanent operational location.
The process of planning for and/or implementing the restarting of defined business processes and operations following a disaster.
Potential for exposure to loss which can be determined by using either qualitative or quantitative measures.Combination of the probability of an event and its consequence
Risk Acceptance
A management decision to take no action to mitigate the impact of a particular risk.
Risk Analysis
The quantification of threats to an organization and the probability of them being realized.
Risk Appetite
Total amount of risk that an organization is prepared to accept, tolerate, or be exposed to at any point in time.