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DRJ Glossary of Business Continuity Terms

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UPDATED: September 2018
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Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Definition #1:  Process of analyzing activities and the effect a business disruption might have upon them (Source = ISO 22301:2012)

Definition #2: Process of analyzing operational functions and the effect a disruption might have upon them (Source = ISO 22317)

Business Interruption
Any event, whether anticipated (i.e., public service strike) or unanticipated (i.e., blackout) which disrupts the normal course of business operations at an organization?s location.
Business Interruption Costs
The impact to the business caused by different types of outages, normally measured by revenue lost.
Business Interruption Insurance (BII)
Insurance coverage for disaster related expenses that may be incurred until operations are fully recovered after a disaster.
Business Recovery
Steps taken to resume the business within an acceptable timeframe following a disruption.
Business Recovery Coordinator
An individual or group designated to coordinate or control designated recovery processes or testing.
Business Recovery Team
A group responsible for: relocation and recovery of business unit operations at an alternate site following a business disruption; and subsequent resumption and restoration of those operations at an appropriate site.
Business Recovery Timeline
The approved sequence of activities, required to achieve stable operations following a business interruption. This timeline may range from minutes to weeks, depending upon the recovery requirements and methodology.
Business Risk

Risk that internal and external factors, such as inability to provide a service or product, or a fall in demand for an organization?s products or services will result in an unexpected loss.

Business Unit
A business unit within an organization e.g. unit/department/division.A unit, department or division within an organization.
Business Unit BC Coordinator
A staff member appointed by a business unit to serve as the liaison person responsible for all BCM direction and activities within the unit.
Business Unit Recovery
A component of Business Continuity which deals specifically with the recovery of a key function or department in the event of a disaster.
Call Tree
A document that graphically depicts the calling responsibilities and the calling order used to contact management, employees, customers, vendors, and other key contacts in the event of an emergency, disaster, or severe outage situation.
Call Tree Test
A test designed to validate the currency of contact lists and the processes by which they are maintained.
A set of buildings which is are geographically grouped together and might form one inter-connected set of Business Continuity Plans.