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DRJ Glossary of Business Continuity Terms

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UPDATED: September 2018
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a) Tool to remind and /or validate that tasks have been completed and resources are available, to report on the status of recovery. b) A list of items (e.g., names or tasks) to be checked or consulted.
Checklist Exercise
A method used to exercise a completed disaster recovery plan. This type of exercise is used to determine if the information in the plan (e.g., phone numbers, manuals, equipment) is accurate and current.
Civil Emergency
Event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place, environment or a place or the security of that place.
Cold Site
An environmentally equipped facility that provides only the physical space for recovery operations while the organization using the space provides its own office equipment, hardware and software systems and any other required resources to establish and continue operations. A site (data centre/work area) equipped with appropriate environmental conditioning, electrical connectivity, communications access, configurable space and access to accommodate the installation and operation of equipment by key employees required to resume business operations.
Command Center/Centre
The (facility) location, local to the event but outside the immediate affected area, where tactical response, recovery and restoration activities are managed.
Common Recognized Information Picture (CRIP)
A statement of shared situational awareness and understanding, which is briefed to crisis decision-makers and used as the accepted basis for auditable and defensible decisions.
Communications Recovery
The component of disaster recovery which deals with the restoration or rerouting of an organization?s telecommunication network, or its components, in the event of loss.
Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results
Fulfilment of a requirement in a management systems context.
Fulfilment of a requirement of a management system.
Evaluated outcome of an event or a particular set of circumstances.
Consortium Agreement
An agreement made by a group of organizations to share processing facilities and/or office facilities, if one member of the group suffers a disaster.
Contact List
A list of key people to be notified at the time of disruption or as needed.The contact data used by Call Tree and Cascade processes and systems.
Contingency Fund
A budget for meeting and managing operating expense at the time of a business continuity invocation.
Contingency Plan
An event specific preparation that is executed to protect an organization from certain and specific identified risks and/or threats.A plan to deal with specific set of adverse circumstances.