DR Rules and Regs

Note: A Special Thank you DRJ’s Editorial Advisory Board for their incredible efforts to identify and compile this information.

*UPDATED – November 2022 

The Rules and Regulations (“R&R”) committee of the DRJ has been providing one of the best resources for professionals within our industry. We requested additional volunteers in the Fall of 2018, and our call was answered by ten new volunteers.

Our renewed, larger committee has reviewed the entire data base and repaired any broken links and removed obsolete Rules & Regs. In addition, our efforts have provided us with an additional twelve items in our data base which include eight from the European Union.

We would like to continue to grow our list to include more Rules and Regs. We have had readers, like yourself, send in new Rules & Regs for our list. So, if you know of any we have not yet included, please let us know.

Anyone interested in participating in this committee should contact the rules and regulations committee chair at: rules@drj.com.

Download the Spreadsheet (MS Excel: for Excel versions 2007 and later)

Download the Spreadsheet (MS Excel: compatible with MS Excel 1997 to 2003)

Download the PDF (PDF File)