DRJ Glossary of Business Continuity Terms

Work Area Facility

A pre-designated space provided with desks, telephones, PCs, etc. ready for occupation by business recovery teams at short notice.

Work Area Recovery Planning

The business continuity planning process of identifying the needs and preparing procedures and personnel for use at the work area facility.

Work Area Recovery (WAR)

The component of recovery and continuity which deals specifically with the relocation of a key function or department in the event of a disaster, including multiple elements, e.g.: personnel, essential records, equipment supplies, work space, communication facilities, work station computer processing capability, fax, copy machines, mail services. Office recovery environment complete with necessary office infrastructure (desk, telephone, workstation, hardware, communications). Restoration of office activities at an alternative location which provides desks, telephony, office systems and networking capability.

Work Remotely Resumption Plan

A plan for completing regular work from another location, with little to no data loss or downtime. Includes working remotely and telecommuting

Workaround Procedures

Alternative procedures that may be used by a functional unit(s) to enable it to continue to perform its critical functions during temporary unavailability of specific application systems, electronic or hard copy data, voice or data communication systems, specialized equipment, office facilities, personnel, or external services.

Zika Virus

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