DRJ Glossary of Business Continuity Terms

Business Risk

Risk that internal and external factors, such as inability to provide a service or product, or a fall in demand for an organization's products or services will result in an unexpected loss.

Business Unit

A business unit within an organization e.g. unit/department/division.A unit, department or division within an organization.

Business Unit BC Coordinator

A staff member appointed by a business unit to serve as the liaison person responsible for all BCM direction and activities within the unit.

Business Unit Recovery

A component of Business Continuity which deals specifically with the recovery of a key function or department in the event of a disaster.

Call Tree

A document that graphically depicts the calling responsibilities and the calling order used to contact management, employees, customers, vendors, and other key contacts in the event of an emergency, disaster, or severe outage situation.


An umbrella term which generically encompasses business processes or activities, and/or technology systems or applications.

Capability Assessment for Readiness (CAR)

This is the process of self-assessment under the US Standard NFPA 1600.

Capability Resilience Level (CRL)

The relative degree to which a capability can be impacted by a single disaster event.

Capacity Stress Test

Testing an application with large quantities of data to evaluate its performance during peak periods.

Casualty Bureau

The central police controlled contact and information point for all records and data relating to casualties and fatalities.