Industry Groups

Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change

Created by Laura Wilfong, Circulation Manager

EDRIX (Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change) is a non-profit organization, formed in 1991, that provides continuity and crisis management professionals access to real time governmental agencies information during a crisis or event. This is accomplished through our Public / Private Sector (PPS) Directive and our automated notification tool, NEDRIX Notify*. Through NEDRIX Notify we have the ability to coordinate bi-directional communications bringing the latest incident assessment to our members and providing any business impact back to the governmental agencies. NEDRIX has PPS teams throughout the Northeast that are led by the Board Director of the PPS initiative. There are Team Leaders identified for each State along with Team Members that work with their State and local government to act as a liaison between the public and private sectors. NEDRIX also provide industry best practices and an opportunity to meet and share ideas and experiences with peers through conferences and symposiums held throughout the year. Our members receive continuing education points for all our conferences and events which is needed for them to maintain the Continuity Business professional certification.

Partnership for Emergency Planning

Created by Laura Wilfong, Circulation Manager

PEP was founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization in the metropolitan Kansas City area and dedicated to emergency preparedness issues. PEP is a partnership of private businesses and the public sector service agencies. It is a public / private partnership comprised of individuals who come together for networking and sharing information in order to become better prepared to respond in an emergency while promoting business continuity and disaster recovery. PEP maintains a goal to facilitate the exchange of information between the private and public sectors while promoting the importance for emergency planning and disaster recovery community-wide awareness.


Created by Dianne Cutter

Discussion of the new standard. Also a resource for companies seeking registration.

South East Business recovery Exchange

Created by Laura Wilfong, Circulation Manager

The South East Business Recovery Exchange (SEBRE) is a non profit organization that promotes the interaction of persons involved in, or responsible for, business continuity planning/disaster recovery in their respective organizations. The mission of the group is to effectively serve the membership through professional excellence by providing a forum for information exchange. Membership is limited to companies which have a business continuity/disaster recovery function or otherwise have an interest in establishing such a function. Businesses whose source of revenue is derived from the sale of business continuity/disaster recovery products and services are not eligible for membership.

Southeast Continuity Planners Association

Created by Laura Wilfong, Circulation Manager

SCPA is a Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Management information exchange group. We are an independent, non-fee-based organization which seeks to promote cross-sector discussions revolving around the continuity of both business and community in the event of an unplanned event . Although Atlanta GA-based, we have members from each border state and across Georgia and encourage interested parties from throughout the Southeast to join the group and participate in our quarterly meetings and ad-hoc seminars.

The Association of Sacramento Area Planners

Created by Bob Arnold

The Association of Sacramento Area Planners is a non-profit organization promoting information exchange and education on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity related topics and issues.

Three Rivers Contingency Planning Association

Created by Laura Wilfong, Circulation Manager

The primary purpose of TRCPA is to promote education and the exchange of information among its members, so that they can develop and improve their skills in the fields of contingency planning, business continuity, and disaster recovery. TRCPA is a non-profit organization; its members or officers obtain no financial benefits.

Three Rivers Contingency Planning Association (TRCPA)

Created by George Mathews

TRCPA is a Pittsburgh-based professional organization whose primary goal is to promote education and the timely exchange of information among its members and partners, from both the public and private sectors, including a wide range of industries. To learn more about TRCPA or to attend a future meeting, please visit