Speaker Spotlight

Andy Ziegler

Andy Ziegler has always enjoyed solving problems and planning both in his personal and professional life. Early in his career, he was presented with the opportunity to help build an online banking business from the ground up. His role was to anticipate and manage problems for clients. He found this role incredibly rewarding.

Ziegler has always been inspired by first responders who run toward danger to help others when they are in trouble. He has been an active volunteer fire and rescue operator since 2003.

“I have learned that there are many parallels between being prepared for a disaster at home and at work,” he said.

Ziegler has worked in the business continuity/disaster recovery industry for 25 years. During that time, he has realized much of BC/DR professionals’ work may never be utilized.

“But the process involved in building a business continuity program provides business leaders with valuable insights about their business that I truly believe helps them make good decisions for the future of their companies and people,” he said.

Ziegler’s clients tell him that they sleep better at night knowing they are better prepared for a disruption or disaster.

According to Ziegler, most people thought continuity planning was “nice to have.” That changed in 2020.

“Now, clients are finding that, not only was it something they needed, a documented plan is increasingly required by major clients, investors, insurers, and financial institutions,” he said.

Ziegler is owner and president of Tempest Risk Management. He has held this position for the past year.

Tempest Risk Management is based in Wilmington, Del., and provides business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.

“Our mission is to strengthen communities by providing business continuity solutions to small businesses,” he said.

Tempest Risk Management has three core values:
-Client-focused. They listen to their clients and partners and strive to provide personalized products and services which cater to their clients’ individual needs.
-Honorable. They are guided by a solid moral compass, hold themselves to high ethical standards, and act with integrity.
-Servant leadership. They serve the common good and work to strengthen the communities in which they and their clients work.

Ziegler will share his work experience with DRJ Spring 2021 attendees. His presentation, “Controlled Chaos – Training for Flexibility,” will take place during Workshop Track 2 on March 31 from 10-10:45 a.m. He will co-present with his wife, Christy Ziegler, vice president of Tempest Risk Management.

According to Ziegler, no plan survives first contact with reality. Business continuity plans rarely work exactly as they are expected. A solid plan provides access to the tools and information professionals need to effectively navigate a business disruption. But if these tools or information is not used effectively, then they are a waste of time.

“Flexibility, creativity, and adaptability are critical ‘abilities’ for business continuity response teams and leaders,” said Ziegler.

In this session, attendees will learn how to train for those abilities through workshops, exercises, and tabletop exercises to always expect the unexpected and think or act outside of the box in a controlled and thoughtful manner.

This Workshop Track 2 session will require audience participation in engaging and fun group exercises designed to stimulate creativity and use seemingly unrelated resources to solve complex problems.

Ziegler hopes attendees will learn how simply memorizing a plan or reading through a series of steps is not adequate to prepare for a disruption.

“No battle plan ever survived first contact with the enemy,” he said. “You should expect the unexpected and train for adaptability.”

During his career, Ziegler has extensive leadership experience. He has managed global production support teams for large financial institutions and led major programs.

In addition, he is the president of a local civic association, Boy Scout leader, and currently serves on the board of directors for Talleyville Fire Company as the IT director. He has a bachelor’s degree in leadership and community organizations. He also has various certifications and professional memberships in New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, ITEX Network, and Delaware Volunteer Fire Fighters Association.

Ziegler lives and works in Wilmington, Del., with his wife Christy and four teenaged children including twin 16-year-olds, 14-year-old son, and 14-year-old stepson.

He is an avid do-it-yourselfer and renovates bathrooms, builds furniture, completes home repairs, landscapes, and “could probably be a professional painter with the number of rooms I have painted.”

When he’s not working, Ziegler enjoys being outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking, working in the yard, enjoying a day at the beach, taking their dog for a walk around the neighborhood with his wife, and any quiet place with a good book.

The Zieglers are also passionate about traveling.

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