Speaker Spotlight

Ray Holloman

Ray Holloman was taking classes to earn his master’s degree when the business continuity/disaster recovery class he was taking clicked with him instantly.

“Being prepared and planning were things that I already did and I thought it was the best way to bring the business side together with my IT side,” he said, “and it has seemed to really work out for me.”

Holloman is self-motivated, dependable, efficient, and effective. He has worked in the BC/DR profession for six years.

He has been senior business continuity administrator at HCA Healthcare for six years.

“At HCA Healthcare, we are driven by a single mission: above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life,” said Holloman.

HCA Healthcare is dedicated to giving people a healthier tomorrow. As one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services, HCA Healthcare is comprised of more than 180 hospitals and more than 2,000 sites of care in 21 states and the United Kingdom.

Holloman said he is motivated to work in the profession because he knows he is making a difference. Other professionals know they can count on him to help set priorities and understand the nuances which happen from day-to-day because he knows the impact of these applications on the organization.

“To get called in [to help] when we have these major events and people know that I got it has been really great,” he said.

Holloman’s favorite thing about working in the business continuity and disaster recovery profession is that none of his days are the same.

“Every day I am learning something new or teaching someone about how we DR at our company,” he said. “I get to play detective while also protecting our resources.”

He said it is “pretty cool what we do and not a lot of people truly ‘get’ what we do day in and day out.”

Although BC/DR is seen as “very rigid with no flexibility,” Holloman said he feels professionals in the field are more creative with their flexibility because not everyone has the same priorities.

“We have to figure out what works best for us,” he said.

Holloman will share his expertise at DRJ Spring 2020 on March 30 from 12-12:45 p.m. with his presentation “Setting and Managing Your IT Disaster Recovery Program.”

His Breakout Track 3 session will share tips with attendees on how to start out with a brand-new IT disaster recovery program. This session will take participants through fundamentals necessary to run a successful IT disaster recovery program.

Holloman said that instead of a BIA, he will do an Application Impact Assessment which can feed to other areas. Many questions will be answered, including how professionals can conduct DR testing in a way that is sustainable for all data centers, what after actions/test reports look like to get a response from leadership, and more.

“This session will walk you through some of the major tenets of our program that we have proven to be successful building blocks for a successful program,” he said.

Holloman said he wants attendees to take away one way to structure their IT DR program.

This will be his third time to present at a DRJ conference. His favorite part of the conferences goes along with an acronym that is important to him: ABL, or always be learning.

“Learning from others is so very important to me,” he said. “We do things differently, so I like to take other great ideas that I hear and see how I can incorporate them.”

Holloman, CBCP, is a business continuity administrator for HCA Healthcare. He began working in IT in 2009 and specifically in BC/DR in 2014. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Belmont University, master’s degree in information security from Lipscomb University, and an MBA from Tennessee Tech University.

He works with business application owners to help them understand the requirements from a disaster recovery perspective as well as planning and executing testing for the data centers.

Holloman lives in Tennessee with his partner Alicia and two dogs.

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