Speaker Spotlight

Steve Piggott

Steve Piggott has been in business continuity/disaster recovery for more than 25 years, but it feels just like yesterday. He is head of enterprise resilience for global accounts at Cutover.

Cutover’s headquarters are in London with offices also in New York City.

“We are forging our way forward globally, as a unique work orchestration and observability execution platform across the IT estate,” said Piggott. “We are optimizing our customers’ execution postures across release/change, ongoing transformation, and operational resilience business disciplines.”

The business’s mission is to elevate human and machine collaboration to deliver the best possible outcomes.

“We believe everyone can benefit from better visibility and control of complex work,” he said. “We define this as ‘work orchestration and observability,’ achieved through advanced coordination of human and machine activities.”

He has been inspired from the plethora of great professionals with which he has been fortunate to work.

“Making a material difference to people, their careers, and our/their companies’ success is rewarding on a daily basis,” he said.

Piggott said the people, evolution and pace of technology, and customer service experience and having to adapt each day are his favorite aspects of the profession.

He first chose BC/DR as his profession when it was declared a disaster into Comdisco with Canadian Tire in Toronto. Comdisco hired him as a consultant and the rest is history.

“It has been and continues to be a fascinating and enjoyable ride,” he said.

Piggott is five months into his journey at Cutover after more than 20 years with Sungard.

“I am so excited about our potential to positively impact operational resiliency across the IT estate for our constituents,” he said.

Piggott will co-present “It’s Time. How to Break Free from Traditional BCM/DR Planning” with Darren Lea during Breakout Track 2 at DRJ Spring 2021 on March 29 from 4:15-5 p.m.

Lea is senior customer success manager at Cutover.

According to Piggott, as the complexity of integrated exercises on cloud, hybrid, and on-premises systems continues to escalate, the race to get a rock-solid execution posture is well underway.

“There is everything to lose if you get left behind,” he said.

It is difficult to get time, buy-in, and the budget to break with one’s existing BCM/DR planning tools, especially when professionals need to align this with the shifting demands and expectations from executive stakeholders.

This session will explore the evolution of the traditional, manual, Excel-based traditional BCM/DR planning approach, and the evolution to a resilience platform which orchestrates events with built-in real-time observability and auditability, a pivot toward operational resilience.

“Layer by layer, we will dissect the levels of complexity that this term now encompasses, as a blend of release/change, ongoing transformation, and executable recovery/resilience capabilities are no longer a business advantage but a competitive necessity,” said Piggott.

He said the goal is for attendees to understand the evolution to a resilience platform that orchestrates events with built-in real-time observability and auditability is a pivot toward operational resilience and a competitive advantage.

Piggott has presented numerous times at previous DRJ conferences. In his opinion, each conference “had incredible people, great times, and stories.” His favorite part of any conference is always forming long-term relationships and professional growth and “learning a nugget or two from each session.”

Piggott works within all facets of Cutover to drive market awareness, revenue growth, and align with customers’ requirements and expectations in receiving exceptional enterprise resiliency results. He has a wealth of experience in driving successful customer outcomes across business transformation, operational resilience, disaster recovery, and business continuity program development.

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