Thursday Panel Discussions

We will host several interactive Panel Discussions that include great interactivity with the audience.


LIVE - Discussions (4 separate topics)

Thursday, April 1, 2021
2:00 p.m – 3:00 p.m. EST

1 - New Business Models/Planning Tools

James Green, DRJ EAB Member

Thomas Boehling, Amazon
Aaron Callaway, ServiceNow
Alice Kaltenmark, BCI USA Chapter

Join us for an interactive session exploring new business models and planning tools from a panel of experts. Whether you plan on following specific guidelines, rules, or regulations, staying on top of the latest trends is a must. Learn new insights from these experienced industry leaders.

About James Green
James Green has worked on risk events that have occurred all over the globe. In 2020 he was named the BCI’s Consultant of the Americas, becoming the first person to be honored with this award twice.

About Thomas Boehling
Thomas Boehling, Senior Business Resilience Manager, has spent the last 20+ years driving innovation in the business continuity and technology disaster recovery disciplines. A passionate advocate for “resilience by design,” his experience spans the military, finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, publishing and technology services. Thomas is currently at Amazon, managing the resiliency program for global human resource operations.

Speaker Spotlight

About Aaron Callaway
Aaron Callaway, Director Global Risk Transformation, is a 20+ year industry expert focused on business continuity and IT disaster recovery. Prior to ServiceNow Aaron was the founder of FairchildRS. FairchildRS was acquired by ServiceNow in 2019 and the Fairchild product was the blue print for the ServiceNow BCM product.

About Alice Kaltenmark
Alice Kaltenmark joined the BCI USA Chapter board as a voluntary board member in 2015 and is currently the chapter president. Alice’s professional experience spans over 20 years in business continuity and disaster recovery in the information solutions industry and over 40 years in IT.

She leads the business continuity and disaster recovery program for LexisNexis Infrastructure & technology Operations (LN I&O) and global technical resilience (ITDR) governance for the LexisNexis Legal & Professional division of RELX.

Alice also serves as the treasurer and past president, Continuity Professionals of Ohio (CPO), a regional non-profit professional association.

2 - Get the Word Out Effectively

Dan Perrin, Workplace Recovery

Peter Steinfeld, AlertMedia
Pat Scheckel, Singlewire Software
Courtney Eiceman, Infinite Blue

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to track down all of your employees to make sure they’re safe and know what’s going on. Learn how to notify co-workers, reassure the public, and put your crisis communications plan in action. Customers and other stakeholders will appreciate a stable, balanced response when your organization faces the challenge of an unexpected crisis.

About Dan Perrin
Dan Perrin runs the Workplace Recovery Group within Regus. Dan has been with Regus since 2005 and has worked in the Workplace Recovery division since 2012.

Dan and his team manage and assist several thousand clients globally by using the Regus platform of over 3000 locations to design, implement, test and run their people recovery.

About Peter Steinfeld
Peter Steinfeld is passionate about helping organizations protect their most valuable assets: their people. He has been involved in the emergency communications industry for nearly 20 years—advising organizations on matters related to employee safety.

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About Pat Scheckel
Pat Scheckel is the Executive Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Singlewire Software. Pat has been with Singlewire since 2010 and is responsible for the product roadmap and marketing of the InformaCast emergency mass notification system.

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About Courtney Eiceman
With over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, Courtney Eiceman’s main focus is bringing the Infinite Blue brand to life. Her main responsibilities include strategizing and executing marketing campaigns, and leading customer-focused events and initiatives.

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3 - When Civil Unrest Comes Knocking

Joan Landry, Abbott Laboratories

Garry MacArthur, N7 Security Group
Anne-Marie McLaughlin, New York University
Jason McCall, Colorado State Trooper

Many businesses face increased risk when protests near facilities turn into a large-scale, public disturbance. Civil unrest can threaten employees, disrupt operations, and damage property. Prioritize the safety of your employees and the resilience of your organization by exercising your crisis management plan, emergency notification services, and emergency response plan. Proactively work with co-workers, building security, and even local law enforcement to ensure your plans, resources, and relationships are ready for an unpredictable, unnerving event. A bit of preparation can make all the difference.

About Joan Landry
Joan Landry, AFBCI, MBCP, is the Business Continuity Principle Consultant for Abbott, a global healthcare company. Joan has spent more than a decade working to ensure resiliency in the face of disruption across Abbott’s diverse businesses.

About Garry MacArthur
Garry P. MacArthur CPP, PSP is the Principal of N7 Security Group, LLC a firm specializing in physical security consultations and executive protection. He has over 20 years’ of physical security experience in a wide range of industries including corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and industrial sites. He holds multiple certifications in physical security as well as crime and intelligence analysis.

About Anne-Marie McLaughlin
Anne-Marie McLaughlin CBCP is Director of Emergency Management and Continuity at New York University. Prior to this role, she led emergency management and continuity for the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has an MS in Business Continuity Management from Norwich University and is a graduate of Harvard University’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative.

About Jason McCall
Serving Colorado since 2008, Task Force Officer, Trooper Jason McCall P.S.P, A.B.C.P leads the State Infrastructure Protection Team. As the State’s physical security expert, he supports communities by working with private and public partners to protect people, structures, assets, and processes. Experience ranges from Presidential and Vice Presidential details to securing professional, educational, and Department of Defense campuses.

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4 - Exercising/Testing Your Plans

Dr. Steven B. Goldman, MIT

Sherri Flynn, Agility Recovery
Charlie Maclean-Bristol, PlanB Consulting
Tom Muehleisen, NUARI
James Slaby, Acronis

Successful business continuity and disaster recovery requires realistic exercising to validate your plans. Creating real-world drills should challenge and develop your staff, highlight areas of need, and provide tangible data you can share to gain executive support.

About Dr. Steven B. Goldman
Dr. Steven B. Goldman is an internationally recognized expert and consultant in Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery, and Crisis Communications. He has 30+ years experience across many aspects of business continuity.

About Sherri Flynn
Consultant of the Year 2020, Sherri Flynn has 25+ yrs training & collaborating with all levels of employees. Sherri provides consulting services on all aspects of Business Continuity Planning and is a certified Master Business Continuity Planner (MBCP), Information Security Manager (CISM) & ISO 22301 Lead Implementer.

About Charlie Maclean-Bristol
Charlie Maclean-Bristol is a multi award winning business continuity and crisis management author and consultant. He is the owner and founder of two UK based business Continuity companies, PlanB Consulting a business continuity consultancy and Business Continuity Training and training provider.

About Tom Muehleisen
Tom Muehleisen, CISSP, MIPM and Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, is a proven leader in cybersecurity. He is currently the Director of Cyber Operations for NUARI, where he designs and facilitates cyber exercises on the DECIDE® platform. He has a rich emergency management background as a National Guardsman, ranging from fighting fires to writing Washington State’s cyber response plan. His experiences as a senior leader in Army Information Operations give him a particularly deep view of adversary motivations, which he brings to DECIDE® exercises.

Speaker Spotlight

About James Slaby
James Slaby is the Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis. He has also worked as an industry analyst covering cybersecurity, cloud services and networking at research firms like Forrester and the Yankee Group. With over 300 published tech research reports, he has been quoted in The Economist, the Wall Street Journal and hundreds of tech publications. Slaby has also held product and solutions marketing roles at tech vendors including Sonus, Acme Packet, Bay Networks and Motorola.

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