Speaker Spotlight

Tom Muehleisen

Tom Muehleisen works for Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI), a small academic non-profit associated with Norwich University in Northfield, Vet. NUARI provides cyber exercises, secure network monitoring, custom consulting, research, and education on critical national security issues.

NUARI enables a resilient society through rapid research, development, and education in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and defense technologies. He is director of cyber operations and has been with NUARI since 2019.

Although business continuity/disaster recovery is not Muehleisen’s core focus, it is a critical part of his security and operations profession. He has always worked adjacent to the field since 1995. However, he led numerous BC/DR planning efforts, including limited exercises to test policy and plan elements.

He said he has been pushing the “left of boom” decision for more than a decade.

“BC/DR is part of that,” he said. “The popularity of the work does not necessarily point to its relevance, or importance.”

Muehleisen will be part of a panel discussion at DRJ Spring 2021 on April 1 from 2-3 p.m. with “Exercising/Testing Your Plans.”

One thing he hopes attendees will take away from the panel discussion is that properly envisioned, planned, executed, and assessed exercises can be an excellent way to test BC/DR plan elements. Additionally, they can be used to train the organization on those same plan elements.

Muehleisen said his favorite part of DRJ conferences is talking with other professionals.

“For this conference, given its distributed nature, I think it will be the actual discussions in structured meetings, as opposed to the awesome hallway conversations one usually has in ‘on site’ events,” he said.

Muehleisen, CISSP, MIPM, is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, is a proven leader in cybersecurity. He is currently the director of cyber operations for NUARI where he designs and facilitates cyber exercises. He has a rich emergency management background as a National Guardsman, ranging from fighting fires to writing Washington state’s cyber response plan.

Dr. Steven B. Goldman, Sherri Flynn, Charlie Maclean-Bristol, and James Slaby will also be part of the panel discussion.

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