DR Planners: Break Glass in Case of Cyber Emergency

Wed, Apr 20, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Maintaining business continuity in the face of ransomware and other existential cyberthreats.

Your CISO might not want to admit it, but cyberthreats like ransomware have become a more dire threat to your business’s survival than natural disasters. Ransomware attacks routinely go beyond locking up your data, instead stealing it and threatening to leak it online. Not only does this take your business offline, it also means angry customers, partners, shareholders, privacy regulators and your board.

DR planners that acknowledge this stark new reality are exploring recovery solutions that stop ransomware and protect sensitive data as the first line of defense, but are able to bring the business back online in minutes if an attack does succeed — including mobile users, remote endpoints and edge systems outside the data center core.

Join Acronis for a one-hour webinar that will:

  • Analyze current trends in ransomware, including new cybercriminal infiltration and pressure tactics, that can threaten the existence of targeted businesses
  • Consider the people skills, processes and technologies needed to instantly restore uptime and sensitive data in response to successful ransomware and other cyberattacks
  • Examine case studies of companies that have already built a DR regimen that can restore business operations within minutes of a successful ransomware attack – including mobile, remote and edge applications
  • Explore how artificial intelligence, automation and the integration of cybersecurity, data protection and disaster recovery functions can support such a regimen
  • Spotlight DR tactics that enable mobile and remote end-users to restore their own systems after a cyberattack without the intervention of IT operations.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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