The Power of Exercising

Wed, Apr 24, 2024 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Exercises are an integral part of building organizational capability and resilience. Meanwhile, important aspects of designing, delivering and evaluating a successful exercise are often overlooked, including the importance of designing the exercise from clear objectives and inclusion of lessons learned from real life events. This webinar seeks to share methodology for how to successfully build, embed and verify resilience in your organization through exercising. The panel will address topics such as designing a successful exercise, that engages the training audience and verifies the organizations capabilities against structured training objectives, how to achieve collaboration and ultimately embed lessons identified during the exercise into organizational resilience.

Introducing a panel of experienced exercise practitioners, led by Principal Consultant Ben White, who in his 16 years of experience within the field of Operational Resilience, Crisis Management and Business Continuity has led numerous exercises and training sessions on all levels of response and sectors. Ben is Commander Agneta Dahl, is Master of Exercise Planning certified, served 20 years in the US Coast Guard and has supported multiple large scale exercises in a range of sectors as Exercise Director and Evaluation Director.

This webinar is ideal for those looking to learn from experts in the field, or maybe see a different way of planning and delivery exercises.

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