Protecting the Anywhere Worker

Wed, Aug 4, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

As the pandemic subsides, many organizations are discovering that the traditional workplace structure is unlikely to return. Companies are exploring hybrid and flexible work arrangements for a more distributed workforce. They are rethinking their facility investments and determining if a modern office building is still necessary. And they are considering potential impacts of the return of travel, both business and leisure, and how to protect their on-the-go workers. This new normal means that employees could work from anywhere in the world, creating unpredictable risks and communication challenges for employers. With this complex shift in workforce dynamics, companies must evolve to keep their employees safe and connected, wherever they are.

Join AlertMedia’s SVP of Safety Solutions, Peter Steinfeld, and VP of Global Intelligence, Sara Pratley, on August 4th to explore:

  • Challenges associated with protecting an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce
  • Tips on how to effectively protect, monitor, and communicate with your travelers and on-the-go workers
  • Guidance on how employers can empower their employees to play an active role in their safety

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