The Best BC Documentation/Plans/Databases

Wed, Dec 14, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

The best-laid plans MUST be simple, accurate, and viable.

In our quest to deliver the best of programs, have we forgotten about the quality and usability of the documentation called, the BC Plan? In our pursuit of the holistic organizational or operational resiliency, we have neglected the conversation of what constitutes an excellent BC Plan?

A well-designed BC plan, or disaster recovery, crisis management, and vendor continuity plans, will rarely survive contact with a real event. Unpredictable things happen and that means you cannot script every move, every decision, or every possibility before an event occurs.

Which ask the question: what do we need? What plans work the best when needed the most?

All best of contingency plans are simple, accurate, and viable. They also ensure that those using those plans have mastered the skills to navigate today’s complex crisis response situation successfully.

In this online seminar, we will decipher and decode what a simple, accurate, and viable plan means, how we can leverage each for quality and significance, and especially how can developing these plans add increasing value to your continuity planning activities.

  1. What makes simple, accurate, and viable plans that are usable when we need them the most?
  2. We will talk about the power of simplicity and how to make it happen.
  3. The necessity of accurate data and the speed bump experience when it is not.
  4. We will identify the six components of a viable plan.
  5. Beware of the champions of order and process – it is no longer about doing a better job today then we did yesterday.
  6. Continuity planning is a team sport – a professional service team that provides high value-added projects & services worth paying for.

We will also capture how each represents a different approach to different audiences and how to obtain buy-in, ownership and participation using these strategies with different audiences.

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